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Our approach to practice follows the tradition established by Luang Por Chah, the famous Lao/Thai meditation master. He urged his disciples to develop an holistic approach to the practice of Dhamma with equal attention to moral behaviour, to regular meditation, to the promotion of wise patterns of thought and to be ever mindful of our moods.



Peter passed away peacefully in his sleep on the 24 July 2015,  twenty two months after being diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease (MND).  Peter was such an optimist and handled such a difficult disease with great strength of mind. Peter revered his teacher Ajahn Chah and said the time spent with him was the best thing he had done in his life. He used the opportunity to practice and prepare for a peaceful death. He always said that he couldn't have got a more Buddhist illness, constantly having to let go.  May he have a good rebirth and the Buddha Dhamma be a part of his life again.

This website was developed by Peter and reflects his thorough understanding of Theravada Buddhism.  I hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy his efforts.


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THE VINYANA GROUP proposes a contemporary interpretation of Dhamma and approach to practice whilst maintaining relevance to the Theravada tradition. 

Buddhism has a long and vibrant history of varied thought yet it remains consistent to the teachings of Siddhartha Gotama. Over the centuries many schools with differing approaches to Buddhist practice have developed and unfortunately many have also disappeared from history.

The recent  transfer of Buddhism to the West will inevitably result in new ways of interpreting and practising Dhamma. The Vinyana Group supports and advocates this as a regenerative force in contemporary Buddhism.



This is possiibly the oldest image of Siddhartha Gotama in existence. It depicts the Buddha at the age of 41 and is preserved in the British Museum. The sketch was made by a young bhikkhu while the Buddha was giving a talk.

The implications of this image (assuming it is a genuine depiction) will be discussed in our section on  The Buddha.

Go to our On Practice tab for information on:

  • The Attitude for Practice - a compilation of anecdotes by Loom Por Chah.
  • 12 ways to deal with anger and resentment from Buddhaghosa's Vissudhimagga.
  • The 13 dhutanga practices.

Go to our Recollections of Loom Por tab for information on:

  • An update on his biography
  • A new article on the State Funeral of Luang Por in 1992
  • a new article on "The politics of being Luang Por"

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  • A Buddhist Way to Die

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  • A chronology of significant dates in Buddhist history.

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  •  The key tenets of the Buddha's Teaching in clear language.

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  • A life of suffering - Keisha Weippeart's story.
  • Wat Pah Pong - celebration of the life of Luang Por Chah
  • Wat Pah Nanachat - Early history of Nanachaht, the Thai monastery for Farang.
  • Wat Sisaket - History of famous temple in Vientiane
  • Wat Ogart Sayaram - Temple destroyed by US bombs
  • Wat Xieng Torng - Temple of the Golden City
  • Mes Anyak - Buddhist site to be mined for copper.

Go to our The Buddha tab for information on:

  • Biography of the Buddha
  • The first sketch of Siddhartha Gotama contrasted by traditional depictions:
  • The 32 marks
  • The 80 notable qualities 

Go to our The Sangha tab for information on:

  • The First and Second Councils,
  • Schisms in the Sangha.
  • Devadatta's First Schism.
  • The Great Schism and the key players.
  • The division of the Sangha into schools.
  • Why is Buddhism prone to schism?

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